Trainees win more than a prize with the Turner-Warwick lectures

Now in its second year, the 2020 RCP Turner-Warwick lectures are in full swing with many regions’ submission coming to a close over the next 6 months.

Playing tribute to the RCP’s first female president, Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick, the lecturer scheme celebrates her life and achievements by selecting trainees around the UK to present at a regional conference. The scheme has become a popular addition to the regional Update in medicine conferences.

We spoke to RCP member Dr Huda Mahmoud, winner and presenter of the 2019 Turner-Warwick lectures in the East Midlands, who told us about her experiences with the scheme.

How did you prepare for your lecture presentation?

‘When I first found out that I had the honour of presenting the first Turner-Warwick lecture I had mixed feelings of excitement and sheer panic. I channelled my panic into practical solutions; the first step was to compose the “story” I wanted to tell. Then I identified the core messages I wanted to convey and constructed the skeleton structure of the presentation; after that building in the detail of the presentation was easy. I then practised the presentation with colleagues and improved upon the aesthetics.’

What were the easiest and most difficult parts?

‘Easiest was deciding to apply; it was definitely the right forum for the work. There is the usual anxiety that accompanies prestigious presentations, especially being the first Turner-Warwick lecturer winner, I wanted to do the work justice and represent University Hospitals Derby and Burton (UHDB).’

What would you say to others who are thinking of applying this year?

‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained so apply, apply, apply! It is a supportive environment and a great place to share your work.’

‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained so apply, apply, apply! It is a supportive environment and a great place to share your work.’

Dr Huda Mahmoud, winner and presenter of the 2019 Turner-Warwick lectures in the East Midlands

The scheme is open to trainees in the UK who will not be expecting to complete their training before the date of their region’s Update in medicine conference. To apply, applications need to submit an abstract of the proposed lecture focusing on clinical research, successful quality improvement programmes or achievements in medical education.

In each region, the winning lecturer receives a plaque from the president of the RCP, Professor Andrew Goddard, to honour their presentation. The lecturers are also invited to the annual Harveian Oration and dinner. Every year there is also an overall winner who is invited to present their lecture at the RCP annual conference plenary session. In addition to the award and prestige of becoming a Turner-Warwick lecturer, the winners receive the opportunity to raise the profile of their work, network with colleagues across a range of specialties and much more.

What has winning the scheme in your region meant to you?

‘It was great to spread some positivity about medical registrar training and morale within the region. Also, in winning the Turner-Warwick prize, it was also a win for UHDB and all the staff who work tirelessly to improve working conditions for all doctors within our trust. It was important they too were also acknowledged and thanked.’

What have you gained from taking part in the scheme?

‘On a trust level, UHDB has a sense of pride in the training and support we deliver our trainees. Despite the fact that medical training can look bleak at times, there is so much we can do to make working lives better for all our trainees and in doing so directly improve the care we provide to our patients. Finally on a personal level, the confidence in my own abilities, to represent our groups hard work and achievements.’

The following regions are still open for applications with upcoming deadlines: Northern Ireland, Wessex, North Western, West Midlands, Yorkshire, Wales, Northern and London.

More information can be found on our bespoke Turner-Warwick lectures webpage or by contacting Gill Brown, deputy head of UK regions by phone on +44 (0)1858 465944, or email at

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