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Update on offers - existing preferences to be used so offers can start on 10 May

Further to recent messages regarding the necessity to re-run the offers for ST3 medical specialties, RCP president Professor Jane Dacre and RCP registrar Dr Andrew Goddard have emailed candidates to update them with the latest information available; the text of that email is replicated below.

We have been working through the weekend to fix the ST3 offers process. We remain very sorry for the worry and disruption this situation is creating. We know that all those in the recruitment round have been affected by the stress this situation has been created but that most will still get the job they were expecting. We are re-running the process as some doctors may have not got the job they originally would have preferred due to the error and we must be fair to them. 

There have been many reasonable concerns expressed about allowing programme preferences to be revised. We have spoken to many affected doctors, trainee representatives, the BMA, the relevant education bodies in the different nations and the IT suppliers as to what will be best. Everyone is agreed that the best option is to run the offers process with the preferences as they were stated on Friday 4 May 2018. 

Once offers commence, preferences will be able to be reviewed via the normal processes used when making offers. It is important to note that this was possible in the original round to allow flexibility for trainees in particular circumstances such as having a partner who is also applying. 

Another advantage of this approach is that we can start the offer process earlier and hope to do this on Thursday 10 May, which we hope will reduce the stress of the situation that many are feeling. 

We understand people will have individual circumstances that they will want to talk through and be supported with. We will provide that support, with details of how to access it, when the offers are made and are ready to work with each trainee on an individual basis to address their circumstances.

Yours sincerely

RCP president, Professor Jane Dacre

RCP registrar, Dr Andrew Goddard