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We are 500: send us your birthday message

The RCP is inviting members and medical professionals to join in our 500th anniversary celebrations by showing us who or what inspired you to become a physician, what makes you passionate about your career in medicine, or sending us a birthday message. 

Share your passion

We’re inviting you to share a social media message with us. Simply print off one of the attached PDFs, write an answer to one or all of the questions and take a photo of you holding it up.

Invite your colleagues together for a group photo if you like. We want to involve as many people as possible.

Choose your message

Remember to take a portrait snap from the waist up so you can fit your banner and the top of your head in – as demonstrated here by some of our staff:

Blank – for your own positive message to celebrate the RCP's birthday

Blank message 528.59 KB
Professor Dame Jane Dacre, RCP president

Happy birthday RCP!

Happy birthday RCP 536.26 KB
Professor Chuka Nwokolo, RCP treasurer

Who inspired you to become a physician and why? 

For this message you'll need a photo to hold up as well as the card with your message.

Hussain Basheer, RCP education fellow

Why do you love being a physician?

Dr Johnny Boylan, RCP medicine clinical fellow

Post, like, share

Once you've downloaded a card, written your message and taken the picture, post and share it on social media using the #RCP500 tag:

Feel free to tag friends in your photos. A selection of the images will go on our website and some will be displayed at our London headquarters on our birthday, so make sure you get them to us soon.