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Working with Captain Tom Moore

Claire Alajooz, senior physician associate, reflects on the privilege of treating NHS fundraiser Captain Tom Moore.

I was in the first cohort of physician associates in London a mere 12 years ago and since then I’ve had my fair share of interesting and wonderful patients. One of the most inspiring patients I’ve had the pleasure of working with, however, has to be Captain Tom Moore.

I had the privilege of looking after Tom over the past couple of years at my surgery.

Every time he came in for an appointment, he had a smile on his face and was more concerned with asking the staff at the surgery how we were. He often came with gifts of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges as he said he knew how busy we always were and hoped this would help keep us going.

Being told we were part of his inspiration for his walk… well, words could not do the feeling justice.

Claire Alajooz

When he told us he was going to be walking lengths of his garden so that he might be able to give something back for everything the NHS had done for him, we were so proud and grateful. And being told we were part of his inspiration for his walk … well, words could not do the feeling justice.

This is a man who proves that a positive attitude, determination and teamwork can see you through any adversity – attributes that, incidentally, are shared core values with our wonderful NHS.

Caring for people like Tom makes going to work in this difficult and outright scary time a lot easier. He reminds us that as a part of this resilient workforce and team that is the NHS we don’t ever walk alone, and because of our dedication to our work – inspired by Captain Tom – the sun will shine again.

Working with Captain Tom Moore and knowing that I was in some way the inspiration for his extraordinary fundraising for the NHS, has made me prouder than ever to be a physician associate represented by the RCP.

If you’d like to support Tom’s fundraising efforts click here.