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You can shape the future | the 2023 census

There's just one week to go to complete the 2023 census of UK consultants and SAS doctors.

Each year, the RCP census captures the pulse of NHS consultants and SAS doctors across the UK via the annual census. Your experiences, challenges, and triumphs create a comprehensive snapshot of the medical workforce. In these unprecedented times, your voice has never been more vital. With an impending election and the NHS in England implementing a long-term workforce plan, understanding your experiences is paramount. Your insights will shape the narrative and guide the way forward for healthcare in the UK. We need your engagement with the census to enable us to influence and effect meaningful improvement in your working lives and the patient care you deliver.

This year, we are focusing on key areas within our sphere of influence. Your ability to educate, train, and supervise other healthcare professionals is a focal point. Are you grappling with time constraints in your job plan? How do rota gaps affect your daily practice? Consultant vacancies in your department – are they a challenge? We want to know more about research to find out whether you’re getting enough time to do it and whether you enjoy doing it.

Your input on these areas is crucial for identifying and addressing systemic issues.

To streamline your participation, we've included specialty questions submitted by your society - so that you hopefully don’t get bombarded with too many other surveys.

In light of recent data from the College of Surgeons, we are particularly attentive to issues of discrimination and sexual harassment. Your candid responses will contribute to fostering a safer and more inclusive working environment.

The census went live on Wednesday 15 November, and you should have received an email invitation which will allow you to access your personalised form. The URL we send is specific to you and should not be passed on to your colleagues. If you haven’t received your email, or are having difficulties accessing your form, you can complete the survey here.

By investing a little time to complete your census, you actively contribute to shaping the future of healthcare. Let your voice be the catalyst for positive change.