Commentary magazine

Commentary is the membership magazine of the RCP, delivering authoritative insight and opinion across a diverse range of subjects – including political developments in the health sector and medical history.

The 32-page magazine is published bimonthly and mailed worldwide to fellows and members alongside Clinical Medicine and Future Hospital Journal. Each issue is also available online.

In the latest issue

  • Fly me to the moon? – as the idea of space tourism becomes increasingly realistic, how can this new frontier be made medically safe for participants?
  • AI and the NHS – the NHS is working with third parties to analyse huge amounts of data to improve patient outcomes and save time for clinicians. But are the right safeguards for patient data in place?
  • Meeting in the middle – medical mediation is increasingly being used to improve communication between doctors, patients and relatives - and to keep cases from going to court. A registered mediator (and intensive care consultant) writes about his experiences.
  • Ten years of the Alcohol Health Alliance – Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, chair of the AHA, commemorates the body's 10 year anniversary, and discusses what has been achieved, and the AHA's future policy priorities.
  • Blowing the whistle on medical ethics – fifty years ago, Dr Maurice Pappworth published his seminal Human Guinea Pigs, exposing experimental practices in medicine. We share an excerpt from a new biography of Dr Pappworth.
  • The Medical Training Initiative – the MTI scheme allows doctors from around the world to gain skills in the UK, and helps fill gaps in the British medical workforce. We hear from two trainees on the scheme.
  • Not just lab work – getting involved in research helps doctors gain vital non-clinical skills. Two RCP research fellows discuss the benefits of research for junior doctors' development.

Commentary also contains the latest news and comment, including a tribute to Dame Margaret Turner Warwick, news of the RCP's Giving Health campaign, and information from the latest census of physicians from the RCP's Medical Workforce Unit.

To see archived issues of Commentary open the latest issue and select the archive tab on the left-hand side of the page.