Research appointments

Appointments are necessary to view archive material, rare and vulnerable items in the RCP's Library Reading Room.

Visiting to view historical resources

All items in the archive catalogue require research appointments to view, as do library items from before 1850. Library catalogue records state the access restrictions for each physical copy under ‘Access':

  • No notice is required for items listed as ‘open shelves’ or ‘on request’.
  • Advance notice is required for those listed as ‘48 hours’.

Digitised copies of books from 1780 to 1914 are now available internationally as part of the UK Medical Heritage Library project. 

Books unavailable due to ongoing digitisation work are marked as ‘on loan’ on the library catalogue.

Making a research appointment

Appointments are available between 10am and 5pm. Advance booking is essential and we ask for at least 3 days’ notice. All visitors making research appointments must register at the start of their first visit and renew their registration annually. Visitors must supply two forms of ID to register. Please contact us for more details.

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Photocopies can be made of items under 100 years old in good physical condition, subject to copyright regulations. Please ask staff for a permissions form.

You can take photographic images of items over 100 years old in good physical condition, subject to copyright regulations and the photography policy.

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