Develop guidelines

Find out about working with the RCP to develop guidelines.

Develop a concise guideline

A concise guideline helps the non-specialist physician make an informed decision quickly and with confidence.

For more information about developing a concise guideline, please download the documents below.

Work with the National Guideline Centre

The National Guideline Centre (NGC) is a multidisciplinary health services research team funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

We produce evidence based clinical practice guidelines on behalf of NICE. Our guidelines aim to improve the quality of patient care within the NHS in England and Wales.

To find out more about NGC and the development of guidelines, download the 'About NGC' document below, or email:

Guideline development group recruitment

An independent guideline development group is set up by the NGC for each clinical guideline being developed. Group members include health professionals and patient/carer representatives with relevant expertise and experience. Registered stakeholders are invited to nominate people to join the group.

The guideline development group looks at the evidence available and considers comments made on draft versions of the guideline issued for consultation before making final recommendations. To find out more email: