Our Future Health

The Our Future Health project is a year-long programme of public debates, podcasts, and expert roundtables that will raise awareness on some of the most pressing issues facing our NHS today.

RCP clinical fellow Dr Sarah-Jane Bailey explains the Our Future Health project.

Asking complex questions

From investment and resources to research and innovation we will start to ask the complex questions needed to shape healthcare policy for the future. By way of public debates, workshops, surveys and expert roundtables we will explore the difficult dilemmas faced by doctors in their clinical practice and the impact these challenges have on patients, the profession and the wider NHS. 

What we are doing

We want to: 

  • lead the debate on major issues facing doctors, patients, health and healthcare
  • explore difficult dilemmas faced by doctors in their clinical practice
  • raise awareness of the impact of these challenges on patients, the profession, and the NHS
  • identify and support our members to meet these challenges through policy development, advocacy and practical measures.

How we are doing it

We will discuss a wide range of issues that fall broadly under three key themes: 

  • clinical resources
  • investment
  • innovation

Who is involved

Our Future Health will be shaped by health professionals and as such we need you. 

Get involved with out debates on Twitter using @RCPFuture and #ourfuturehealth. Also, look out for podcasts, live-streamed webinars, opportunities to watch events on catch-up, as well as videos and animations on the topics and solutions raised throughout the year. 

You can find further details of future events, how to share your views or how to keep up to date via our dedicated Our Future Health website.