Physician associate membership

Physician associate (PA) membership is available to qualified PAs and PA students.

Members of the Faculty of Physician Associates benefit from a number of services specifically tailored to your needs. These include support in your continuing education, career development, and increased opportunities to be involved in the development of the profession.

You can join online by completing the PA member application form on the Faculty of Physician Associates website or by getting in touch at

PA membership benefits 

Physician associate membership benefits are designed to support you throughout your career:

Qualified PAs also benefit from use of the RCP online CPD diary and inclusion in the physician associate managed voluntary register. 

To allow us to provide you with the most relevant, advantageous and supportive benefits, your membership benefits will progress as your career stages progress. To see a complete list of benefits you'll receive, check out the benefits lists at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PA membership cost?

Qualified PAs are eligible for membership at £205 per annum.

I'm a PA student – am I eligible for membership?

If you're currently taking a PA course at university, you are eligible for PA membership at £1 per month.