01 March 2013

Commenting on Health First: An evidence-based alcohol strategy for the UK, RCP president, Sir Richard Thompson, said:

This important strategy demonstrates the clear evidence that the government must push on with its commitment to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol.

Once it is fully implemented, research suggests that a 50 pence minimum unit price will prevent more than 3,000 alcohol-related deaths and 40,000 crimes in England each year.

The Health first strategy sets out how a minimum unit price can form the cornerstone of a comprehensive package of long-term measures that can address the marketing and availability of alcohol. The strategy also highlights the need for improved treatment services, so that the whole UK can tackle alcohol misuse effectively.

The government has been listening to the public health community to understand the facts behind minimum pricing, and this strategy outlines all the best available evidence for where we need to go next.

Access Health First: An evidence-based alcohol strategy for the UK via the Univeristy of Striling website.

On the same day as the Health first strategy is published, an editorial on alcohol marketing authored by Dr Nick Sheron and Professor Gerard Hastings will be published by the British Medical Journal. Commenting on Alcohol marketing: grooming the next generation, RCP president, Sir Richard Thompson, said:

This paper highlights our children’s continued exposure to alcohol marketing, and why we need to do more across the EU to reverse this trend. Digital media in particular provides a major challenge that needs to be addressed nationally and internationally

The government is making substantial strides to address alcohol abuse through a minimum price for alcohol, but we know from the evidence that we still also need to prevent children’s exposure to advertising if we are going to cut alcohol misuse in the long term.

Reda the full editorial, Alcohol marketing: grooming the next generation, on the BMJ website.

Visit the Alcohol Health Alliance pages of the RCP website.


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