08 August 2003

The website of the Joint Committee for Higher Medical Training – www.jchmt.org.uk - has been improved and expanded. The new, clearer layout gives faster access to specialty information, and a more intuitive approach to finding general information.

The site, redesigned by RCP Web Manager Alex White in association with a working group of JCHMT staff, now has more easily identifiable specialty sections which include the new competence-based curricula, specialty information, training regulations and details of SAC members. All the relevant forms are included, and publications have been brought together on a single page instead of being scattered through the site.

Dr George Cowan, Medical Director of JCHMT, said:
“The new site makes it easier and quicker for SpRs, overseas doctors, consultant and NCCG physicians and all those with an interest in higher medical training to get the information most relevant to them and their specialty. The new layout streamlines the large amount of information on the site. We have pushed back the non-essential information and concentrated on what SpRs need most.”