09 November 2011

Dr Linda Patterson, RCP clinical vice president, speaking at the launch of the new Patients Association CARE campaign, said she welcomed and supported the campaign as the RCP was committed to improving care for patients:

‘It was distressing to hear the patients’ stories today and we as doctors need to learn from them and act – this is not just an issue for nurses, we all need to do better in ensuring patients receive high quality care. Clinical leadership, professionalism and teamwork are all important in building better quality services across healthcare teams. The RCP is beginning work with the Royal College of Nursing on improving the essentials of care at ward level, and feel that nurses in charge of wards should have a higher status.  The RCP believes that a named consultant could work closely with the nurse in charge of the ward to lead change from the top.  In addition, there should be a focus on training and support for all healthcare staff to meet the high standards expected and deserved by our patients.’



CARE stands for Communicate with compassion, Assist with toileting, ensuring dignity, Relieve pain effectively, Encourage adequate nutrition.

Read more about the CARE campaign on the Patients Association website.