The Health and Work Development Unit (HWDU) at the Royal College of Physicians published the findings from the second round of the national organisational audit of the implementation of NICE public health guidance for the workplace in January 2014. This national organisational audit had an overall aim of supporting staff health in line with the evidence based guidelines developed by NICE. The audit was open to all NHS trusts in England, with 73% of trusts participating. The findings showed that overall performance has improved between rounds although there is still a great deal of variation between trusts suggesting room for continued improvement. The audit was supported and funded by NHS Employers.

Access your trust’s bespoke report

If you participated in the 2013 audit you can access your report by logging on to the website where you entered your data (
The username and password you used during the data collection period remain the same. The link to download your audit can be found under the ‘Reports’ menu. If you would like a reminder of your log on details please contact

The national report

The national report was published on 29 January 2014. Copies of this report will be made available to all chief executives and HR directors in the NHS in England.

Please contact for any further information.

Resources below include:

  • NICE public health guidance organisational audit
  • Calculating audit summary scores

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