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COPD secondary care workstream

NACAP’s COPD secondary care workstream includes a continuous clinical audit of people admitted to hospital with flare-ups of COPD, and a snapshot audit of the organisation and resourcing of care.  

COPD - continuous clinical audit 

The COPD continuous clinical audit collects information on all people admitted to hospital in England and Wales with flare-ups of COPD.  

COPD and adult asthma - organisational audit 

Snapshot organisational audits collect information on how services are organised and what resources are available to them at a given point in time. To reduce the burden on services to enter data, we ask that COPD and adult asthma services join together to provide information on their respiratory service as a whole. The most recent organisational audit took place from 6 September – 1 October 2021 and will report findings at Trust/Health board level.  

How to participate 

All hospitals in England and Wales that provide COPD care can participate in the audit by entering admission data from patient care case notes into a secure and bespoke audit web tool. Clinical and non-clinical staff can take part in data submission. Participation is a requisite of trust quality accounts in England. 

Contact us at copd@rcp.ac.uk for more information or download our registration form from the service team support page