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Inpatient Falls Quality Improvement

What we are doing

These resources have been collated to help sites use the NAIF results and dataset for quality improvement.

Free e-learning

Many of the patient risk and environmental risk factors that were audited in the NAIF are also covered in the FallSafe falls prevention resources and CareFall e-learning tools:


FallSafe is an interactive e-learning course it covers patient risk factors (cardiovascular, balance, confusion, bone health, medication, vision and toileting); environmental risk factors (patient environment, special equipment and special observation) and what to do after a fall. It concludes with a case-study based exam, which requires a score of 75% to pass. It has been developed primarily for registered nurses working in acute or community hospitals, but any staff member with an interest in falls prevention can use it.


CareFall is an interactive e-learning tool for foundation level doctors. The tool covers the knowledge needed to identify and reduce patient and environmental risk factors to assist with reducing inpatient falls.

What we have produced

These resources have been collated to help sites use the National Audit of Inpatient Falls results and dataset for quality improvement.

The lying and standing blood pressure measurement guide has been designed to assist clinical teams in standardising their approach to falls prevention in hospitals.

The National Audit of Inpatient Falls has collaborated with partners to produce a vision assessment tool to help prevent hospital patients falling or tripping.
Case studies from City Hospitals Sunderland, East Kent Hospital and Portsmouth Hospitals focusing on the prevention of falls in hospital wards.
To help sites use their audit results for quality improvement we ran two quality improvement events.