Learning to Make a Difference – Beyond CMT

This project builds on Learning to Make a Difference (LTMAD), and uses national clinical audit data to help ST3+ doctors develop quality improvement projects to make a difference to patient care.

What we are doing

The LTMAD programme enables core medical trainees to learn and develop skills in quality improvement methodology. With funding from the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP), we are expanding the approach to ST3+ doctors and offering the chance to significantly build quality improvement capacity within the medical workforce using national clinical audit data.

On this page, trainees can find information and examples on how to get quality improvement projects started and keep them going until completion. Resources and links have been made available to help trainees get their projects underway.

Registering projects

Trainees can register their projects on the LTMAD database by filling out the registration form.

Alternatively, they can download the registration forms on the trainee and supervisor pack pages linked to at the bottom of the page and email them to LTMADbeyondCMT@rcplondon.ac.uk.

What we have produced

The 'LTMAD: Beyond CMT' trainee pack gives guidance to speciality trainees on how to start quality improvement projects and keep them going until completion.
The 'LTMAD: Beyond CMT – supervisor pack' gives guidance on how to support trainees in getting quality improvement projects started and successfully completed.