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NHS reality check: Delivering care under pressure

What we are doing

The Royal College of Physicians’ (RCP’s) NHS reality check reports give over 2,100 doctors and NHS teams, who are overwhelmed by rising levels of demand in hospitals, a voice on how their profession is coping. 

The RCP is clear that the NHS is currently underfunded, underdoctored and overstretched. Patients and NHS staff deserve better; we need a new plan for health and social care. A plan designed to meet the UK’s health and care needs in the long term, and to value, support and motivate NHS staff.

Attention is often focused on the pressures on hospital emergency services, while our evidence shows that doctors providing care across the medical spectrum – in services that are the backbone of hospital care – are struggling to cope. For NHS reality check: Delivering care under pressure we asked our members to tell us about their experiences on the front line of care delivery. 

What we have produced

'NHS reality check: Update 2018' returns to last year's key report and once again gives over 1,500 doctors working in the NHS the chance to discuss their experiences of delivering care in the UK health service.
As levels of need rise in hospitals that operate with no slack, the RCP's 'NHS reality check: Delivering care under pressure' report lays out what this means for patient care through the voices of over 2,100 doctors.