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Clinical Service Accreditation Alliance (CSAA)

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The Clinical Service Accreditation Alliance (CSAA) is a collection of colleges, professional bodies, regulators, commissioners and patients who have come together to standardise and improve the quality of healthcare service accreditation, ensuring accreditation is patient focused, leads to improvements in standards of care and places as small an administrative burden on the healthcare system as possible.

The RCP is proud to be a lead body for the CSAA and is sponsoring its work, together with a number of other professional bodies and colleges and the Health Foundation.

The overall vision of the Alliance is to develop a clinical service accreditation strategy for all of healthcare that:

  • meets the needs of patients and those that care for them
  • meets the expectations of all the stakeholders in the system
  • is aligned with policy, sustainable and not excessively burdensome.

the CSAA has delivered the following outputs:

  1. A set of standards and mechanism for assessing clinical service accreditation schemes.
  2. Compilation of current practice in accreditation and peer review.
  3. Mapping and prioritisation of clinical services for scheme development.
  4. A core set of generic clinical service standards to be used by schemes to assess clinical services.
  5. A generic specification for an information platform to support accreditation.
  6. Common methodology to support professional bodies who wish to develop clinical accreditation schemes.


For more detail on the CSAA, please see the HQIP website.