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FallSafe extension: Preventing and Managing Falls in Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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The FallSafe extension project focuses on prevention and management of falls in clinical hospital wards in a single NHS trust.

Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth is a 1200 bed District General Hospital. We have had a CNS for falls prevention for over 10 years and were already following good practice, with a Falls Policy and Falls Pathway in place.

Identifying a Falls Champion on every ward and introducing FallSafe care bundles has helped focus on the importance of a multifactorial risk assessment with careful follow through for patients identified as being at risk of falling. We allowed each ward to choose which of three of the care bundles they wanted to focus on each month of the project based on their baseline audit. Involving other members of the MDT was crucial to achieving improvement.

Falls management is included in teaching sessions for Induction and Patient Safety which are mandatory for all Trust employees and the FallSafe approach is promoted. This is an important element in ensuring all the bundle elements are appropriately applied.

What we have produced

We have produced a practical step-by-step guide called The ‘How To’ Guide to FallSafe, a full report of our programme showing the results we achieved and a number of ward based posters and prompts, including a foot logo used as a magnet awareness system and a badge, as well as on our Patient Information leaflet.

A Golden Foot trophy proved popular and was awarded monthly at each Study Day to the Falls Champion who was voted to have come up with the most innovative idea to promote good falls management.

Who's involved


Organisation: Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Departments: Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, Elderly Medicine, Trauma and Orthopaedics; Oncology

Contact: Patient Safety; patient.safety@porthosp.nhs.uk, Tel:02392286000 ext: 1751/46