Future Hospital development site - Phase 2: The North West Paediatric Allergy Network

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The North West Paediatric Allergy Network aims to educate and empower patients, parents and primary care professionals in the management of common food allergies.

New clinical pathways for allergy

This Future Hospital development site project aims to improve primary healthcare knowledge and confidence about common food allergies through education and the implementation of new clinical pathways. The North West Paediatric Allergy Network aims to:

  • reduce inappropriate allergy admissions and incorrect diagnoses
  • reduce outpatient attendance to secondary and tertiary care
  • advocate for support for self-management and shared decision making across the region.

Fundamental standards of care must always be met.

Future Hospital principles of patient care

Anaphylaxis Campaign

Members of The North West Paediatric Allergy Network attended the very successful Manchester Allergy Support Group run by the Anaphylaxis Campaign (@Anaphylaxiscoms) to gather evidence and experiences directly from service users. People attended the meeting with a mix of adults with allergies, parents, children and carers. Evidence and information gathered from the meeting will be used when assessing the success of the project in the medium to long term.

Commenting on the involvement of the FHP, Michelle Byrne, founder of Manchester Allergy Support Group and part of the project team, said: ‘Working together is really making a difference.’

2016 highlights

  • The Medicines Management Committee for Greater Manchester had agreed to a new Medicines Optimisation policy. This will support the team’s aim to save money through appropriate prescribing. This will help to drive the change in the pioneer practices and show signs of cost saving, which will help to spread the best practice approach to managing allergy in children and young people.
  • The team launched a website to host their educational resources.