IBD organisational audit - Adult report - round two 2009

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The full report contains detailed information about the organisation and structure of adult IBD services in the UK including how the situation has changed across the different rounds of the audit. The executive summary is a shorter version which highlight the key findings and recommendations from the full report.

It should be noted that the IBD Audit was established and 2nd round datasets agreed before the IBD National Service Standards were published. Therefore, we did not specifically audit against them for the 2nd round.

Key recommendations

  1. There should be a renewed focus on multidisciplinary working with units moving towards the development of the IBD team as outlined in the IBD National Service Standards.
  2. Improvement in provision of specialist nurses to levels recommended in the IBD National Service Standards.
  3. Dietetic service provision remains poor and efforts to develop this should be continued.
  4. Psychological support is notably lacking and should be improved.
  5. Trusts/Health Boards should provide appropriate levels of toilet facilities.
  6. Efforts should be made to continue to improve stool culture and CDT collection rates.