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Outputs from the Improving Lung Cancer Outcomes Project (ILCOP).

These four outputs can be downloaded at the bottom of the page:

  • Improving care for lung cancer patients: a collaborative approach (improvement stories from lung cancer teams)
  • 'Improving Lung Cancer Outcomes Project: patient experience questionnaire'
  • Evaluation of participation in the Improving Lung Cancer Outcomes Project (ILCOP) by Natalie Armstrong, Graham Martin, Janet Willars, Elizabeth Shaw, Mary Dixon-Woods from Social Science Applied to Healthcare Research group, University of Leicester
  • 'Improving lung cancer outcomes in the west of Scotland'.

Since 2010, the ILCOP involved more than 200 healthcare professionals in a 2-year programme of quality improvement activities, such as peer-led service reviews, face-to-face workshops and the collection of lung cancer patient experience data: