Improving Quality in Physiological Services

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The Improving Quality in Physiological Services programme (IQIPS) is a professionally-led accreditation programme encompassing a quality improvement pathway, followed by accreditation. IQIPS is formed on a set of standards developed by professional groups. Accreditation is awarded by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Physiological services

  • Audiology, adult and paediatric
  • Cardiac physiology
  • Gastrointestinal physiology
  • Neurophysiology
  • Ophthalmic science
  • Respiratory and sleep physiology
  • Urodynamics
  • Vascular science

IQIPS Quality Domains

  • Patient experience
  • Facilities, resources and workforce
  • Safety
  • Clinical

These domains cover key expectations of a competent physiological service. Currently, spread across the four quality domains are 26 standards, each of which is accompanied by detailed professional guidance on what is required in order to achieve it.

These standards describe a good physiological service provider with the capability to ensure that all patients consistently receive high quality diagnosis and care, delivered by skilled staff working in safe environments.

Self Assessment and Improvement Tool (SAIT) and Accreditation

The SAIT, managed by the RCP as part of the programme is the entry point to IQIPS. It can be used by services to assess accurately their level of performance in relation to established standards and to continually improve the service delivered.

The purpose of the SAIT is to: improve the quality of services, initiate collecting evidence, consider how policies and procedures apply to the IQIPS standard and assess readiness for accreditation. The IQIPS SAIT is available to services throughout the IQIPS accreditation pathway.

The RCP can provide support to services working through the SAIT. The SAIT plays an important role throughout the programme pathway with its two stage cycle: the pre-accreditation stage and the accreditation stage. Quality improvement on the SAIT continues after accreditation, whilst the level of the standard is reviewed on an on-going basis.

The IQIPS model is a 4-year accreditation cycle with an annual self assessment and improvement process (SAIT).  A copy of the model can be found in the downloads section below. Latest census reports, FAQs and other documentation are available on the IQIPS website.


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