Interim report of the biological therapy audit - June 2012

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This is an interim data quality report for the IBD community and Chief Executives of Health Boards and Trusts throughout the UK to inform of the ongoing progress and development of the biologics audit along with a view of engagement to date. The audit opened for data entry on Monday 12 September 2011 and these interim findings are based on data that have been submitted to the audit up to and including 29 February 2012, providing a 6 month snapshot of data entry and progress report.

Key recommendations

  • Health departments in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales must support future rounds of the UK IBD audit to ensure that quality improvement in IBD care is continued - In particular, support for the ongoing biologics audit to ensure the capture of long-term data on the safety and efficacy of these therapies, as well as patient reported outcome measures to compliment other clinical data.
  • All NHS Trusts/Health Boards should review their local audit results in relation to the recognised standards and guidelines and take any necessary action to continue improving their IBD Service - Sites are able to produce their own ‘site level reports’ in real time via the biologics audit web tool. Exports of raw data entered to the system in Excel format can also be downloaded when required for local review.
  • Eligible but non-participating sites should contact the UK IBD Audit team to enrol in the biologics audit and seek support to begin data collection.
  • The UK IBD audit team will encourage sites to continue to collect these data for all relevant IBD patients and will engage in discussion with those sites that have yet to enter data to understand any specific issues which they may be facing.