Joint Advisory Group on gastrointestinal endoscopy (JAG)

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The Joint Advisory Group (JAG) on gastrointestinal endoscopy is principally a quality improvement and service accreditation programme for gastrointestinal endoscopy. We support and assess endoscopy units to meet and maintain the JAG standards, offering patients and commissioners a badge of quality.

JAG's core objectives

JAG's core objectives are:

  • to agree and set acceptable standards for endoscopy units

  • to quality assure endoscopy training

  • to quality assure endoscopy services

The JAG has visited 87% of the acute NHS endoscopy units in England and a number of independent sector providers, awarding accreditation to the majority of these that met the JAG standards. In many cases this has required a period of deferral and quality improvement recommended by the assessors. The first visits in Northern Ireland and Wales have now been carried out. Information for patients is available on the JAG website and local endoscopy services information is given on the NHS Choices website.

It achieves these objectives through accreditation visits, annual self-reporting using the Global Rating Scale (GRS), offering training, quality assuring training courses,  certifying individuals and providing a knowledge management system. The JAG also works with the endoscopy service in New Zealand and Ireland to provide accreditation and quality improvement programmes in endoscopy.

For further information regarding JAG please go to the JAG website.

JAG accreditation scheme

The JAG Accreditation scheme is a pathway of quality improvement and, once accredited, continued maintenance of JAG standards.  Endoscopy services are required to complete two online Global Rating Scale census returns, in April and October each year.  Services must attain level A for timeliness and no less than level B for all other measures to become eligible for accreditation.  Further information on the standards can be found on the JAG Accreditation website. Endoscopy Units must first register with the JAG to obtain access to the JAG Accreditation website.

Global Rating Scale

The Global Rating Scale (GRS) was created in 2004 as a quality improvement and assessment tool for the gastrointestinal endoscopy service.

The GRS assesses 12 key aspects of the experience of patients having an endoscopy. Each aspect (or item) is scored on a scale of D to A where D is a basic level and A is a very high level of achievement. The twelfth item: ‘ability to provide feedback to the service’ aims to ensure that nothing important is missed by the scale and that a service constantly monitors (and responds to) patient feedback).

Knowledge Management System

The Knowledge Management System (KMS) has been designed to support the GRS and JAG Accreditation by:

  • facilitating endoscopy services to achieve higher levels in the GRS
  • sharing and providing existing endoscopy knowledge across the service
  • generating new knowledge and resources from JAG accredited services
  • accessing knowledge and resources from other sectors and services
  • embedding knowledge of what works.

For further enquiries, on GRS or KMS, please contact Ask GRS

JAG Endoscopy Training System (JETS)

The JETS is for all UK-based endoscopists. Endoscopy training and certification is one of the key remits of the JAG and this system reflects the JAG’s guidelines and quality assurance framework. The JETS website helps those in need of further training, novice or expert, identify and apply for endoscopy training courses. The site also provides an e-Portfolio for trainees to record their endoscopic experience and demonstrate their performance and competencies, which will support the JAG certification process.

For further enquiries, on JETS, please contact Ask JETS