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My hip fracture care: 12 questions to ask

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My hip fracture care: 12 questions to ask is a guide for patients who have fractured their hip, and their families and carers. It explains what a hip fracture is, and answers 12 key questions about how you will be cared for before and after your operation.

Updated in April 2019, the questions in the guide cover aspects of hip fracture care such as:

  • pain relief
  • memory problems
  • specialist doctors that should be involved in care
  • how soon an operation should take place
  • rehabilitation and physiotherapy following surgery
  • when you will be able to go home.

Written in clear, plain English, the booklet uses as little technical jargon as possible. It also includes the relevant statistics from the National Hip Fracture Database annual report for each question.

Until we break a hip, few of us will have given a moment’s thought to hip fracture and how we should be cared for once we’ve been taken into hospital. ‘My hip fracture care: 12 questions to ask’ ... will help to inform, reassure and empower patients and carers at every stage on the road to recovery.

Julia Ellis, Falls and Fragility Fracture Audit Programme patient panel member


Please email nhfd@rcplondon.ac.uk to request hard copies. The report can also be printed locally.