National clinical audit report of biological therapies - Paediatric report 2013

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This is the first full national report of the biological therapy element of the UK IBD audit and all analyses within this report include only those patients that were newly started on biological therapies between 12 September 2011 (start of data collection) and 28 February 2013.

Key recommendations

  1. Sites should continue to participate in national audit and aim to submit data on all appropriate patients. Increased participation will be encouraged by greater system utilities that have been introduced to the audit web tool recently.
  2. All organisations should ensure that patients are not waiting more than 2 weeks to begin treatment wherever possible.
  3. Clinicians should be vigilant in screening for opportunistic infections both before starting and while patient’s remain on biological therapy.
  4. Sites should routinely assess disease activity at baseline and again at 3 and 12 month follow up. This measure is a vital part of objectively assessing the appropriateness of initial treatment, response and the ongoing need for maintenance therapy.
  5. Local teams should encourage patients to complete patient reported outcome measures (IMPACT III) at baseline and again at 3 and 12 month follow up.
  6. Sites participating in the audit should export their own local data and use this for local analyses, benchmarking and local quality improvement activities.
  7. The findings and recommendations of this report should be shared at relevant multi-disciplinary and clinical governance / audit meetings.