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Patient safety: RCP projects and resources

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The RCP produces a broad selection of resources for clinicians, commissioners, managers and trusts to help improve patient safety and drive up quality across the NHS.

Experience of structured judgement review in clinical practice

Our 2019 publication from the RCP mortality team demonstrating evidence from across the NHS in England of improvements in patient care and safety from the process of structured judgement review. Also featured is further analysis of cases involving patients with sepsis continued from the 2018 NMCRR annual report.

Improving discharge summaries

This RCP Health Informatics Unit (HIU) project aims to improve the quality of discharge summaries by defining and responding to learning needs in this area. The project report assesses the problem of poor quality discharge summaries, and determines the educational needs to support clinicians writing e-discharge summaries in order to improve their quality and effectiveness. A learning resources package has also been created to support the development of effective discharge summaries.

National Mortality Case Record Review

The National Mortality Case Record Review programme implements a standardised way of reviewing the case records of adults who have died in acute hospitals across England and Scotland. The aim is to improve understanding and learning about problems and processes in healthcare associated with mortality, and also to share best practice.

The stories clinicians tell: Achieving high reliability and improving patient safety

The patient safety movement has been deeply affected by the stories patients have shared, and have helped identify numerous opportunities for improvements in safety.

The RCP's National Early Warning Score

The Royal College of Physicians has led the development of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) report, which has been widely adopted as a surveillance system for all patients in hospitals, alerting the clinical team to any medical deterioration and triggering a timely response.

How the personal and professional impact of adverse events on doctors damages safety culture

A confidential survey was sent to members and fellows of the Royal College of Physicians to ask participants about their experiences of adverse events and near misses. 

A range of clinical auditsservice accreditationtoolkitsclinical guidelines, and HIU apps guidance are also available.