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Policy and campaigns priorities for 2019

At its September 2018 meeting, the RCP Council agreed our policy and campaigns priorities for 2019. These priorities explain how we intend to meet our fourth strategic aim: to shape the future of health and healthcare.


Make sure the UK has a sustainable medical workforce that meets the needs of patients

We will work to increase the number of medical students; make the UK attractive and accessible to doctors and trainees from overseas; promote physician associates and other roles; and protect a safe, reflective learning culture.

Make sure UK health policy is led by the latest research and innovation

We will promote the benefits and challenges of new technology, and further advocate for protected time for research. We will continue to lead in supporting a research active medical workforce.

Make sure the UK takes an integrated and people-centred approach to health

We will protect the NHS as a universal service, properly funded and free at the point of delivery. We will work to integrate primary, secondary and social care, and physical and mental health.  We will support taking a person-centred approach to health and care.

Make sure UK policy reduces health inequalities by focusing on prevention

We will promote the principle that prevention is better than cure. We will highlight the impact of deprivation, age and ethnicity. We will continue work on air quality, alcohol, obesity, sexual health and tobacco.


Officers, committees and staff across the RCP were involved in drafting the priorities, which we asked fellows and members to rank in a survey in July. They are printed above in the order they were ranked.

We also asked you if you thought the priorities were appropriate, and 90% of you agreed they were. Your feedback was very helpful as it reinforces our thinking about what underpins our policy and campaigns work.

In particular, our core business is and must remain developing high-quality educational courses and standards. But our policy work is vital to making sure the work of the RCP has as much influence on the development and delivery of healthcare in the UK as possible.

We recognise that our policy and campaigns priorities are ambitious, so they require us to work with our current partners and develop new relationships. Our work must be based on the most recent research, data and expertise. And our relationship with the Patient and Carer Network helps us to understand a range of perspectives.

As we progress, your continued involvement will be vital to make sure we understand what’s happening on the ground. For example, we appreciate your responses to our three short winter surveys, the first of which was sent to our UK members in mid-November.