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Details of published reports relevant to the care of young adults and adolescents.

Why young adults and adolescents need better healthcare

This report stresses why young people aged between 16 and 25 need to be considered as a defined population. It aims to highlight the limited recognition of the healthcare needs of young people beyond paediatrics.

Furthermore, in the absence of a review of the current health status of young people and of barriers to appropriate transitional services for young people, this document hopes to promote the prioritisation of changes that will improve health and social care outcomes for all young people.

Guidance for physicians to help tackle child sexual abuse

The RCP has produced new guidance to support physicians to help tackle child sexual exploitation (CSE).

An awareness of CSE is essential for physicians, who could be working with current victims of CSE, young people at risk of CSE, or children and adults who have previously been victims of CSE.

This guidance is designed to support physicians to recognise potential cases of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and seek support to protect vulnerable children and young people. It should be considered essential reading for physicians.

Clinical Medicine

The Clinical Medicine journal seeks to encourage high standards of medical care by promoting good clinical practice and influencing policy through original research and articles on topics including current issues, law and ethics.

Aimed at practising physicians in the UK and overseas, the journal assists the RCP in supporting a wide range of specialties through a dedicated continuing medical education (CME) section which presents the latest advances in a chosen specialty, with self-assessment questions at the end of each topic enabling CPD accreditation to be acquired.

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