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RCPQI: Bespoke support for improvement

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RCP Quality Improvement (RCPQI) works with teams and organisations to identify the solutions to quality and safety challenges, as well as providing support to implement and sustain them.

Working alongside you, we can provide expert assessment, led by data, on how to tackle your organisational and service challenges. At the same time, we will work to build capacity within your organisation so that the skills for continuous quality improvement are there to tackle current challenges and those that emerge in the future.

What we offer

Stage 1 – diagnostic

Once you have contacted RCPQI, we will:

  • arrange a call with you to discuss in detail with you the particular quality and safety challenges facing your organisation or team, and start to design a diagnostic process with you
  • assemble an expert team relevant to your needs who will lead a diagnostic process and lead training and education in QI as required
  • commission expert analysis of your data so that they can be used as part of the improvement process. 

The multidisciplinary RCPQI team will deliver a diagnostic day at your site. The day will be co-designed with your leads but should include:

  • analysis of and discussion on your data, and what they reveal about areas for improvement
  • a walk around the services or areas highlighted as being in need of improvement
  • interviews with your project team and identified stakeholders thematic feedback from the RCPQI team. 

Following the diagnostic day, RCPQI will provide a full diagnostic report identifying recommendations for improvement to be led by you and your team, or for larger-scale work needing additional support (potentially from RCPQI). 

Stage 2 – support for improvement

We may identify areas for improvement in your organisation where we think we are able to provide a further package of support. We can discuss options with you, providing costs and an outline plan, but by signing up to the diagnostic you are under no obligation to contract RCPQI for a follow-up.

Why we are different

Our teams are:

  • clinically-led by a practitioner who is still working in the NHS and who we will select on the basis of their familiarity with the challenges facing your organisation
  • equipped with relevant quality improvement and system change experience and a sound record of healthcare improvement
  • multidisciplinary, reflecting the multiple professionals working at the front line or your organisation and other complementary skills required for improvement.

We will:

  • include patient representation on our team and work with you to effectively engage patients and carers in your improvement work
  • work with you to build sustainable skills within your team so that they are equipped to tackle current and future challenges and continuously improve patient care
  • enable your teams to use your existing data for improvement – we will not take away data and ‘sell’ it back in the form of a dashboard or other device.

If invited to, we will develop a long-term relationship with your organisation, working alongside teams to see through the implementation and improvement. We will partner with other improvement organisations when we identify the need for a broader or complementary skill-set.

Contact us

Telephone: +44 (0)20 3075 1735
Email: RCPQI@rcplondon.ac.uk.