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Reports: pulmonary rehabilitation

Clinical audit reports are publicly available on the NACAP website.   

These detail the care received by patients with COPD referred to PR programmes in England, Scotland* and Wales. Data are presented at national and country level for key processes and outcomes measures.  Recommendations, and QI priorities for the delivery of PR are also included.  

*Data from adult asthma services in Scotland were included from the audit between 1 November 2018 and 6 November 2020, after which the Scottish Government, on behalf of NHS Scotland and other stakeholders, withdrew from the audit. 

Supporting outputs are also available on the NACAP website including:  

Data analysis and methodology reports  
Full data analyses from which the key findings and recommendations were derived, presented in tabular form. 

Organisational audit reports  
Data on the organisation and resourcing of COPD and adult asthma services.  

Regional reports  
Data indicating how provision of COPD care by individual hospitals and Sustainability Transformation Partnerships (STPS) (England) and Health Boards (Scotland & Wales) compares to the national median and to other centres/STPS/Health Boards. Moving forward, data will be presented at Integrated Care Service (ICS) level. 

Data and variables 

Aggregated data used in the most recent report, presented at service level are available at data.gov.uk