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The RCP and COVID-19

As a leading health organisation aimed at improving patient care and preventing disease worldwide, the RCP is committed to supporting the global response to COVID-19.

What we are doing

Our members have been at the centre of NHS efforts to respond to the pandemic. Now that the initial COVID-19 peak has passed, we are working with them to understand and respond to the challenges that lie ahead.

Our work is now focused on

The RCP has set out six priorities for future COVID-19 wave planning. The very real possibility of a second peak, coupled with the pressures of a normal winter flu season, risks bringing the NHS to a grinding halt. Ensuring that hospitals make best use of the 28,000 doctors who have returned to the workforce will be an important part of tackling this risk. The RCP has produced a one page guidance document to support hospitals to do this.

The RCP has set out nine priorities for the resetting and rebuilding of NHS service, stressing the need to do things differently to embed improvements and tackle health inequalities. Priorities include improving the design of services such as outpatients, tackling our ongoing workforce challenges and protected time for clinicians to engage in quality improvement, service redesign and research.

RCP Player

RCP Player is a new streaming service created for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals.

With new content uploaded weekly, you can watch videos and audio clips such as regular teach-ins – mini presentations by leading clinicians on timely topics, #doctorsdiaries from the frontline, and a COVID-19 video series featuring a variety of pandemic-related learning materials and videos.

You don’t need to login and access is free of charge.