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RCP COVID-19 Appeal

The RCP has launched a fundraising appeal to help our members and the health service manage the response and longer-term consequences of the COVID19 pandemic.

The appeal is focussed on four areas:

  1. Support – to provide COVID-19 support across personal and professional issues, particularly exploring the psychological impact of COVID-19 on healthcare professionals and the collateral impact of lockdown measures
  2. Preparedness – to focus on the resetting of clinical services and to identify, capture and embed the learning that has emerged from responses to COVID-19, and has changed normal working practices and service delivery
  3. Inequalities – to focus on how COVID-19 impacts particular groups of the population and how the RCP can reduce the number of individuals facing inequality in both health experience and access to healthcare
  4. Research – to develop a new portfolio of research activity on the social impact of the COVID-19 healthcare response, and to accelerate the disruptive and innovative thinking emerging in response to the pandemic

The appeal will help fund a a number of specific projects, including:

COVID-19 e-learning resources

We are commissioning COVID-19 e-learning resources for medical students who have graduated early to help the NHS and for consultants who have been reassigned from their usual medical specialties. Modules will include mentorship, supporting trainees, communicating in teams, breaking bad news; and psychological resilience.

COVID-19 guidance for clinicians

We are producing and disseminating ethical and technical guidance on COVID-19 tailored to the different medical specialties. In a rapidly moving situation, this will support clinicians with expert advice to help them respond effectively.

Pastoral and practical support

We are providing vital pastoral and practical support for healthcare professionals on the frontline. This includes informal networks of support and advice, facilitating access to 1:1 mentoring services and isolation accommodation for healthcare staff who require it. We will also be collaborating with other charities working in this area, including providing direct financial support.

Inequalities and Research

Addressing health inequalities is key to reducing the impact of future pandemics. We will explore COVID-19’s impact on particular groups such as black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities and supporting new research into the pandemic including its social impact and the healthcare response.

Thank you for your interest in making a gift to the RCP COVID-19 Appeal. We appreciate your support.

Every donation, of whatever size, will help us to manage the effects of COVID-19 and create a more resilient health service for the future.

All donors will be recognised in the president’s bulletin which is currently being sent to all members of the RCP on a weekly basis.

Those who give £500 or more will be invited to become a patron of the appeal, with permanent recognition on our website, in the president’s bulletin, and in Commentary.

Those who wish to recognise a friend or colleague working on the NHS frontline are encouraged to have their name permanently inscribed on the Linacre Wall at the RCP’s London home through making a donation of £1,518.

You can make your donation by credit or debit card using PayPal (no PayPal account required), or via a transfer to the RCP bank account, quoting your name as a reference:

C Hoare & Co., 37 Fleet Street, London, EC4P 4DQ
Sort code: 15-99-00
Account no: 57170430

To make a donation by phone, please call the RCP Development Office on 020 3075 1564.

To make a donation by cheque, please use the following address:

COVID-19 Appeal
Development Office
Royal College of Physicians
11 St Andrews Place
Regent’s Park

For further information, including how to give by direct debit or standing order, please contact the RCP Development Office (development@rcplondon.ac.uk or 020 3075 1564).

Appeal patrons

Mohammed Abuzeid

Mohammed Ahmed

Daphne Allen

Liz Berkin

Jacqueline Cove-Smith

Peter Crome

John Duncan

John David Fielding

Andrew Frank

Andrew Hutchesson

Ali Jawad

Paula Johnson

Geoffrey Lap Wai Woo

Richard Long

Karim Manji

Deborah Mitchell

Linda Joyce Patterson

Jon Rhodes

Cheng-Hock Toh

Julian Verbov

Patricia Vice

Richard Vincent

Philip Wiles

Yidan Zhu