RCP500 Charter

In celebration of our 500-year anniversary in September 2018, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has devised a modern charter of our members' professional values.

The RCP500 Charter reaffirms the commitment made by physicians to:

  • provide the highest standards of patient care
  • train, develop and support doctors
  • act as leaders
  • promote good health and prevention of ill health.

Sign the charter

Members and fellows will be able to sign the charter at RCP regional updates and NHS trust visits leading up to 23 September 2018 – the 500th anniversary of the signing of our founding charter.

The next signing dates are in the Thames Valley on 10–11 September:

  • RCP Update in medicine  Marlow: Monday 10 September, from 1pm (at Crowne Plaza Hotel)
  • Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury: Tuesday 11 September, 8.30–10am (in postgraduate centre)
  • John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford: Tuesday 11 September, from 1pm (in George Pickering Education Centre).

You are also invited to sign the RCP500 Charter online.

RCP Charter Cycle

So that physicians can sign the RCP500 Charter in person, RCP registrar and president-elect Dr Andrew Goddard is cycling 2,018 miles between as many acute NHS trusts as possible around England, Wales and Northern Ireland for the RCP Charter Cycle.

The route so far

How to take part

Would you like to cycle with Dr Goddard during part of his journey? Please register your details and stay updated about the route the ride is taking.

You can find more photos and information on Twitter by searching for #RCPCharterCycle.

Physicians for Africa

The RCP Charter Cycle is also raising money for Physicians for Africa, a flagship project of the RCP which seeks to improve access to well-trained physicians in east, central and southern Africa.

Dr Andrew Goddard and RCP CEO Ian Bullock before the start of the RCP Charter Cycle in June 2017, joined by RCP president Professor Jane Dacre.


RCP 500