RCP500 Charter

In celebration of our 500-year anniversary in September 2018, the RCP has devised a modern charter of our members' professional values.

So that our fellows and members can sign the RCP500 Charter in person, RCP registrar Dr Andrew Goddard is cycling 2,018 miles between as many acute NHS trusts as possible around England and Wales for the RCP Charter Cycle: 2018 for 2018.

Dr Goddard's journey will be raising money for Physicians for Africa, a flagship project of the RCP which seeks to improve access to well-trained physicians in east, central and southern Africa.

Sign the charter

The next leg of the RCP Charter Cycle: 2018 for 2018 will visit the following locations:

Fellows and members who are unable to meet Dr Goddard on these dates are warmly invited to sign the RCP500 Charter online.

Follow @bodgoddard on Twitter for updates and photos from Dr Goddard's journey and offer your support using the hashtags #RCPCharterCycle and #2018for2018.


RCP 500