Contributing to Clinical Medicine

Clinical Medicine is designed to keep more than 30,000 physicians worldwide updated on all aspects of the practice and science of medicine. The editor is assisted by members of the editorial board along with expert referees in the evaluation of submissions and accepted papers are scheduled for publication at the discretion of the editorial office.

Manuscripts should be accurate, clear and concise but with a style that retains the warmth, excitement and colour of clinical and medical sciences.

Authors will be prompted to state during the submission process if they have any competing interests.

Types of articles accepted for consideration

We welcome the following types of non-commissioned articles for consideration and peer review:

  • Original research articles
  • Critical reviews of the literature
  • Clinical letters
  • Lessons of the month
  • Images of the month

Specific format guidance for each type of article may be downloaded below.

We also accept letters to the editor relating to articles previously published in the journal. Letters should be submitted by email, and to be considered for publication, must arrive within 3 weeks of receipt of the previous issue of the journal. Letters may be up to 350 words in length. Receipt of letters will be acknowledged but only published at the editor's discretion.


Manuscripts (other than letters to the editor) must be submitted via Clinical Medicine’s electronic submission system.

Once you have read the guidance below and are confident that your manuscript is in the correct format, please follow the link above to register as a new user, and then follow the on-screen instructions to submit your manuscript.

If you need help

If you have any pre-submission queries, or have difficulty using the online submission system, please contact the editorial office at or by calling 020 3075 1228.


Submission of an article to the journal is taken to imply that it represents original work and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors will be asked to transfer the copyright of their articles to the publisher. Copyright covers the distribution of the material in all forms including but not limited to figures and illustrations, reprints, photographic reproductions and photocopies.

Corrections and disagreements

Corrections to any printed errors or misleading statements are published in an appropriate position in Clinical Medicine. Readers who disagree with published statements can express their opinions in the correspondence column (see below).


Written consent must be obtained by the author from patients if there is any risk, however minimal, of identification from an illustration or article. We also require confirmation that any clinical research has the approval of the local research ethics committee.

Please refer to the downloadable patient consent form.

Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

Clinical Medicine subscribes to the standards published by the Committee on Publications Ethics.