Retired physicians: membership status and the Quincentennial Society

Retiring from full-time clinical practice doesn’t need to affect your membership with the Royal College of Physicians (RCP). We offer a number of concessions exclusive to retired members, including opportunities to continue to be involved in the college’s work and membership of the Quincentennial Society.

Changing retirement status online

If you are a fellow or a member who has retired then you can change your status online by logging on to MyRCP. You can also email or call +44 (0)20 3075 1362/1467.

Retired fellows and members can also update their status to receive, or choose not to receive, our Clinical Medicine journal or to join the RCP's association for retired fellows and members, the Quincentennial Society.

I am a retired physician and I want to resign my GMC registration ‒ will this affect my membership?

If retired individuals choose to resign their GMC registration, this does not affect their membership by subscription to the RCP. Their status will remain as a member/fellow in good standing ‒ similar to our overseas members/fellows who are not linked to the GMC.

Quincentennial Society

The RCP’s Retired Fellows and Members Association has combined with the Widows and Widowers and is now called the Quincentennial Society. This organisation provides its members with an opportunity to contribute to the activities of the RCP, and the opportunity to enjoy scientific, cultural and educational meetings at the RCP.

Meetings are held at the RCP three times a year ‒ in February, May and October ‒ between 11am and 4pm. Three speakers are normally invited to talk and there is a question and answer session at the end of the meetings. There is a charge of £38 per head which includes an informal lunch (Members are welcome to bring guests).

Members of the association are also invited to an annual outing to a place of interest.

If you would like to join the association please email or call +44 (0)20 3075 1723. Alternatively, download and return the application form.

Next meeting

Monday 8 October 2018: 500 years and counting - the past, the present and the future

Celebrating 500 years of the RCP, this meeting will focus on the future of medicine. Highlights will include:

  • Nanotechnology and nanomedicine: what it is and what it isn't (Professor Russell Cowburn)
  • A vision for the future of UK general practice: balancing person-centred care with the tech tsunami (Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard)
  • Climate change: what is the responsibility of doctors and health systems? (Dr David Pencheon)
  • Genomics and prediction: can we, will we, should we? (Professor Sir John Burn)
  • A doctor's vision of the future of medicine (Dr Georgina Russell)
  • Could predatory bacteria become our allies against bacterial infections? (Professor Liz Sockett)
  • Accountability - that obscure object of desire (Professor Albert Weale)

Book your place

We are always happy to receive ideas and suggestions for future meetings from our members.

Historical reflections conference

The 1518-2018: historical reflections conference on 26 October 2018 will explore the history and legacy of the RCP and its members, not only in terms of contributions to science and medicine, but also its place in wider political, social and cultural contexts. Speakers include Professor Roberta Bivins, Professor Ludmilla Jordanova, Dr Margaret Pelling and Dr Fabio Zampieri.

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Senior Fellows Club at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

The Quincentennial Society enjoys a reciprocal arrangement with the Senior Fellows Club in Edinburgh. If any of our members find themselves in Edinburgh and would like to attend one of their events, please contact Susan Laurence on +44 (0)131 247 3652 (preferably a week in advance).

There is no charge for the meetings and lunch will be available at a cost of £17.