Success in medicine workshop information

Speakers from the Royal College of Physicians' (RCP's) upcoming Success in Medicine conference discuss why they've put their workshops together and what they're going to deliver at the event.

The clinical years: medical school

Speaker: Dr Arrash Arya Yassaee
Session time: 10–10.45am

The clinical years are an important topic for discussion, as clinical placements represent a paradigm shift in learning, and preparation for this shift can help students to ensure they make the most of the educational opportunities on offer. For many students, this will be the first time they have experienced work-based, experiential learning rather than more didactic lecture-style teaching. The clinical years also offer a valuable opportunity for students to begin to develop their medical CV, which this workshop will also spend some time discussing.

Choosing your specialty 

Speaker: Dr Caroline Elton
Session times: 10–10.45am and 3–3.45pm

Since the introduction of the Modernising Medical Careers reforms in 2005, junior doctors in the UK have to make specialty choice decisions at any earlier stage of their training. Across the specialty spectrum, studies have shown that a significant minority – sometimes as high as one-third – of doctors later come to regret their initial choice of specialty. While it is possible to change specialty further up the training ladder, it is often far from straightforward to do so. This is why this workshop is important, as it will give clear pointers for getting it right the first time around.

Preparing for the UK Foundation Programme

Speaker: Dr Nick Cork
Session times: 11–11.45am / 2–2.45pm

Doctors are diverse, and they have a range of priorities for their next professional steps after medical school. Some aspire to practise in a specific region; others prefer to experience particular clinical specialties; others still consider integrating academic activities into their training. By better understanding how to apply for the UK Foundation Programme, medical students can feel prepared to navigate a postgraduate path that fulfils their personal objectives and career ambitions.

MRCP Part 1

Speakers: Dr Rahul Bahl and Dr Dylan Mac Lochlainn
Session times: 11–11.45am / 1–1.45pm

Completion of the MRCP examinations is an essential hurdle in medical training. The Part 1 examination can be sat 12 months after graduation and it is often a trainee’s first experience of a postgraduate examination. This workshop aims to provide junior doctors with practical information about applying and preparing for the examination.

Working abroad

Speaker: Dr Aliki Traianou
Session times: 12–12.45pm / 2–2.45pm

Working abroad offers doctors a rich and diverse range of opportunities to develop themselves both clinically and personally, and to learn new skills that enrich and benefit the NHS. This workshop will explore some of the opportunities that are available and the best way to approach working abroad.

Applying for your specialty … what you need on your application

Speaker: Dr Josie Cheetham
Session time: 3–3.45pm

Applying for speciality training is a very different process to applying for foundation training, and it can be very competitive. It requires the accumulation of specific pieces of evidence to satisfy the focused domains within the candidate selection criteria. Students and foundation doctors lead very busy lives; therefore, preparing for the application process well in advance and not to the detriment of your current training is the key to success. This workshop will aim to demystify the initial application process and demonstrate how to maximise efficiency in gathering evidence for your application.


You can find out more about Success in Medicine, view the full programme and book your place on the conference webpage. If you want to contact us directly with a question or query, please telephone Conferences at +44 (0)20 3075 2389 or email