Trainees Committee

The RCP Trainees Committee (TC) is comprised entirely of medical trainees, and reflects the RCP’s commitment to encouraging physicians-in-training to develop active roles in shaping the future of medicine.

Developments such as the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) and hospital reconfiguration have had significant impacts on the way medical training is delivered, so it's crucial to involve the voice of medical trainees in the discussions which drive these developments.

Committee vacancies

We currently have vacancies for committee members in a number of regions. More information on what positions are available and how to apply can be found on the RCP Trainees Committee vacancies page.   

Areas of work and projects

The TC working groups focus on a variety of issues, including: improving communication between doctors, improving working lives and challenging educational dogma. 

The committee has also contributed to a number of projects, including:

  • submissions to the Modernising Medical Careers Review Board and the Tooke Review
  • work on acute services
  • changes to the process of death certification
  • developing a national mentoring scheme
  • shaping the future workforce.

Meetings and membership

The TC contains seats for 35 members: 33 regional representatives, a chair and a deputy chair. Members meet three times a year at the RCP, and conduct discussions among themselves, and also with senior RCP officers, including the president, vice-presidents and registrar.

Many of the TC’s discussions take place outside these meetings, via email. The TC often produces position statements and other documents based on these discussions.

Trainees Committee representatives

Representatives for each deanery are elected by and represent the trainees, both within the RCP on Council and in committees, and outside the RCP at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the British Medical Association (BMA) and the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB). Representatives also act on your behalf at the local level of each deanery on the local education and training board (LETB).

The current Trainees Committee representatives are: 

  • Michael Fitzpatrick – co-chair and Oxford
  • Matthew Roycroft - co-chair and Yorkshire
  • Rachel Jones – deputy chair
  • Towhid Imam – secretary/membership
  • Adam Januszewski – communication/publicity
  • Louise Finch, Mohammed Abid Yusuf – Eastern 
  • Mohammed Imran Ansari, Richard Ingram – East Midlands/Trent
  • Emma O’Sullivan, Shuaib Quraishi – Kent, Surrey and Sussex 
  • Claire Hopton – Mersey
  • Atheer Al Haddabi – Northern
  • Oliver Reed – Northern Ireland 
  • Jonathan Lim – North West 
  • Gareth Hynes – Oxford 
  • Alex Carpenter, Rachel Jones – South West 
  • Shamim Nassrally, Philip Smith, Yee Yen Goh – Thames, North East 
  • Amit Samani – Thames, South East  
  • Selina Chavda, Rahul Mukherjee – Thames, South West 
  • Richard Gilpin – Wales 
  • Helena Edwards – Wessex
  • William Hunt, Megan Rutter – West Midlands

Please contact us by email on with local and national issues you think we should be aware of, or if you would like more information. Apply when vacancies arise to join us on the committee to help shape medical education for the future.