27 February 2013

Pocket RCPThe Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has launched its latest smartphone application; Pocket RCP.

Pocket RCP allows users to keep abreast of RCP projects whilst on the move. The app, currently available for iPhone and iPad, pushes latest news and updates from the RCP direct to the user’s device within minutes of publication.

Healthcare professionals’ use of apps has risen in recent years as busy clinicians attempt to streamline the large amount of information they must digest.

The RCP recently released a smartphonne app that draws from the fourth edition of the National clinical guideline for stroke. Both the clinical version of the stroke guideline app, and the patient and carer version of the stroke guideline app are available for both iOS and Android devices.

The RCP plans to develop further apps that can bring the work of the organisation direct into the hands of clinicians.

Visit the Apple App store to download Pocket RCP.

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