Who can use the RCP library?

The RCP library provides clinical material and information services to RCP members as part of their benefit package. The Medical Education Resource Centre (MERC) provides educational material and information services for those on RCP courses. Historical research material is made accessible to visitors as part of the RCP’s public offering. 

Available to all

The library is accessible to the public, who may have:

Full member access

Available to the following membership grades: fellow, collegiate, associate, physician associate (PA) and foundation.

In addition to the services above:

Access for RCP students, student members and FFLM members

RCP course students, student members and student physician associate (PA) members of the RCP, and members of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (FFLM), have full member access with the following variations:

  • RCP course students have additional access to education databases eg ERIC. Advice on literature searching is available throughout the course but we do not search on your behalf. The range of ejournals is more tailored towards the course content.
  • FFLM members can use the space and collections of the library but not the MERC.
  • Student and student PA members have a loan limit of three books at a time and do not have access to ejournals, ebooks or bibliographic databases. Please ask for training on constructing your own literature searches as we do not search on your behalf.