Clive Constable

Deputy chief executive

Clive Constable is the RCP's deputy chief executive and leads the Membership Support and Global Engagement Department which covers in particular our third strategic theme, ‘leading and supporting our members’.

The department includes teams that manage membership engagement, including regional activity; international activity; invited service reviews; NHS advisory appointments committees; RCP committee services; and medical workforce activities including our annual census and the RCP’s involvement in the NHS Clinical Excellence Awards process.

Clive is a member of the Executive Leadership Team. He works closely with several officers and particularly supports the registrar on RCP governance issues such as supporting the work of RCP Council and other boards; the election of fellows; and accordance with the RCP’s Bye-Laws and other governance and constitutional regulations. This extends to the processes for electing or appointing officers, including the president and senior officers, elections to Council, chairmanship of particular committees, and also elections to the RCP Employees Forum. At the RCP since 1996, his career before then covered 21 years in NHS management in a range of district general and teaching hospitals.