Dr Gerrard Phillips

Senior censor/education and training vice president

Gerrard Phillips was elected senior censor/education and training vice president in July 2014 and leads for the RCP on all matters relating to education and training.

He is a member of the RCP's Board of Trustees, is medical director of the RCP’s Education Department, and is also medical director for CPD.

He qualified from Oxford and Barts and after initial training as a surgeon, ‘saw the light’ and trained in respiratory and general internal medicine in Southampton (research), and as a senior registrar at St Georges’ and the Royal Brompton Hospitals, London. He has published over 40 research and other articles.

Gerrard has been a consultant physician at Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester, since 1994. He is a ‘jobbing’ clinician, still very active in both the acute medical take and his specialty. He has been involved in medical education for more than 15 years. He has been chair of the British Thoracic Society Education and Training Committee, Wessex regional training programme director for respiratory medicine and SAC chair for respiratory medicine (8 years).

He wrote the 2007 and 2010 UK RM curricula and co-wrote the European RM curriculum. He has co-written other national training programmes and advised on the consultant scientist curriculum. Recently, he has been a member of the GMC Curriculum Advisory Group and an RCP Censor. He is currently deputy head of the Wessex School of Medicine.

Gerrard’s current RCP role involves consulting on RCP policy, particularly with regard to education and training, and liaising with stakeholders. He has represented the RCP at political party conferences and has been extensively involved in discussions over the implementation of Shape of Training and the new internal medicine curriculum. As senior censor, he coordinates the activities of the six college censors. He is also responsible for overseeing the diplomas in tropical medicine and in geriatric medicine.

Gerrard was involved in developing the recent RCP strategy, especially 'theme 2' which concerns education and training. He chairs the RCP Education Board. He is a member of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AOMRC) Joint (Deans’) Training Forum, the HEE Medical Advisory Board, the HEE Improving Junior Doctors’ Working Lives Group, and the AOMRC Revalidation and Professional Development Committee. He also represents the RCP on the NHSE Cross System Sepsis Board.

Particular achievements have included the delivery of the chief registrar project, establishing a committee for coordinating college policy for sepsis and antimicrobial resistance/stewardship, a roundtable event on the challenges faced by remote and rural hospitals, working towards a post-CCT credential in acute medicine for GPs with the RCGP, and helping to open a dialogue with the RCPsych on cooperative working between the two colleges.

Gerrard is keen to increase the research profile of the education department and its contribution to the development of medical leadership, and to translate the learning from the Care Quality Improvement Department (CQID) and the Future Hospital Programme into education and training products. He is also keen to increase the diverse education outputs from the department, including streaming and e-learning.

A particular pleasure has been to oversee the development of an inaugural annual RCP Medical Education Conference, to take place on 7 June 2017.