London (Central and North East)

The London (Central and North East) regional advisers provide a local point of contact for RCP fellows and members in this region.

They work in partnership with College tutors and regional colleagues to facilitate the two way exchange of information from the RCP to the region.

Regional advisers play an important role in offering support to local fellows and members, approving job descriptions, taking part in the scoring of clinical excellence awards and granting continuing professional development approval.

Regional advisers

RCP regional adviser (service)

Post open

RCP regional adviser (training)

Dr Michael Jonathan Glynn
RCP regional adviser (training)
Department of General and Emergency Medicine
Clock Attic
The Royal London Hospital
London  E1 1BB

Tel:  020 7377 7486

Approval of job descriptions

For the approval of job descriptions within the London (Central and North East) region please contact:

For help and advice on the job description approval process please see our page: Advisory Appointments Committees (AAC)

School of medicine

The Royal College of Physicians has supported the creation of specialty-based schools of medicine within each deanery, which will supervise trainees within Basic Medical Training and all 30 Higher Specialist Training programmes.

Heads of schools have now been appointed in most deaneries. The appointment process was deanery-based, with the posts being advertised. In most cases the college and the deanery cooperated, which variously included the college commenting on the job description, advertising the role to fellows, and being represented on the appointment panel. In the majority of cases the person appointed has previously served as a regional adviser.

Dr Jeremy Levy is Head of School of Medicine for the London Deanery.