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Paces examiner Dr Graeme Dewhurst

Consultant Physician with responsibility for the Elderly and Stroke, St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester

From the day he first became a consultant, teaching medical students and trainee physicians has been at the heart of Dr Dewhurst’s career. His prime motivation is patients,

I passionately believe that better teaching leads to better patient care.

Dr Dewhurst has since taken up many leadership roles, including regional adviser on training for the London College and Head of the School of Medicine for the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Deanery. One of the first steps he took on this path was volunteering as a PACES examiner 15 years ago. Dr Dewhurst encourages younger colleagues to follow this example as soon as they become Fellows of the College. Involving them will help to keep PACES firmly rooted in the realities of everyday clinical practice, he believes. In addition, he would like to recruit more female examiners, so that the pool is representative of the profession.

One of Dr Dewhurst's key goals is to keep expanding access for candidates, especially now that the MRCP(UK) Diploma is required for advancement into higher specialist training. He reminds colleagues of the professional benefits of helping with this effort by becoming an examiner:

At multiple levels, it enhances your role as a teacher and a doctor.