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Paces examiner Dr Indranil Chakravorty

Consultant in acute and respiratory medicine, St George's Hospital and Medical School; SW London MDECS sector lead for CMT

PACES examiners: in their words - Dr Indranil Chakravorty

The entire experience of training in medicine and practising as a qualified doctor has undergone a series of metamorphoses over the last decade and many of us have either marvelled at the changes, embraced them with enthusiasm, struggled to adapt, pined for what is lost and wondered when all this will stabilise. 

One of the cornerstones of medical training and practice and a zone of calm in this decade of turmoil has been the RCP and its long honoured institution of the MRCP(UK). Being a member of the college for many years and recently elected as a fellow gave a new dimension to being a doctor and one of the rare and most coveted privileges turned out to be ‘becoming a PACES examiner’. As a PACES examiner, I have re-discovered the value that passing the MRCP(UK) brings to a trainee doctor and the consistency of the standard that is upheld by an army of similar thinking fellow consultants from different parts of the country and world that makes MRCP(UK) probably the most valued and internationally recognised medical diploma.

The joys of seeing excellent trainees perform.

In addition to the joys of seeing excellent trainees perform well under pressure and taking pride in the quality of their training, a hidden pleasure is interacting with other dedicated consultant colleagues who gladly give up their personal time in fulfilling their moral duty towards the future of medical education and training. When economic turmoil and a shrinking healthcare budget threatens many things we value in medical training and practice, at least for the near future examining for MRCP(UK) remains a shining beacon of what we should continue to cherish. I would gladly recommend this to all fellows of the RCP.