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BASEM & FSEM Emerging Leaders Programme

This is an exciting, innovative Multi-Professional Leadership Programme developed by the RCP specifically for FSEM and BASEM. It is aimed at ambitious emerging leaders within the Sport and Exercise Medicine community who wish to develop their leadership skills and roles and drive forward their specialty. It will provide personalised development and mentorship alongside leadership theory and training to support the SEM leaders of the future.  

The Royal College of Physicians Education Team has unparalleled expertise in developing and supporting emerging leaders. Using this knowledge and experience FSEM, BASEM and the RCP have developed a bespoke sport and exercise medicine specific programme.

The learning outcomes from the programme will be aligned with HEE’s proposed Advanced Practice Musculoskeletal Curriculum and Capabilities Framework to ensure that participants can build their portfolio of leadership evidence.

This programme is primarily aimed at consultants in SEM who are over two years post CCT (and less than eight), senior physiotherapists at Band 8 level, and GPwER in SEM two years post CCT. Other members of the SEM MDT are also welcome to apply and please contact us at education.courses@rcp.ac.uk if you wish to discuss your eligibility.

It is anticipated that each delegate will have a role or project that they wish to take up/develop during the course of the programme. Leadership aspirations across the breadth of our specialty including clinical, academic, policy development and public health, sport and education arenas are welcomed. 

The 18 month programme comprises five full teaching days, involving interactive workshops and peer support and development sessions. Each delegate will have a SEM senior mentor, access to support from RCP, BASEM and FSEM senior figures, and personal coaching sessions. 

At the individual level the programme aims to increase self-awareness, improve leadership skills and the development of a clearer path of career navigation. At the programme level, we wish to create an environment that promotes and delivers on diversity and inclusion in SEM leadership roles and supports leadership capability in the SEM community. Together these aims will create a sustainable peer support network and learning community with future leaders who desire to create the same environment for others. 

It has four CPD-accredited components:  

Component 1
Five days face to face and virtual content delivered at (either Liverpool or London) including:

  • Day 1: Introduction: Theme: Capability, Wednesday 25 January 2023 (face-to-face)
  • Days 2 and 3: Introduction to Leadership, Wednesday 19 April and Thursday 20 April 2023 (online)
  • Day 4: Mid programme day: Theme: Capacity and coaching, Wednesday 5 July 2023 (online)
  • Day 5: Final Programme Day: Theme: Credibility, Friday 6 October 2023 (face to face)
  • Day 6: Celebration and photo day, Wednesday 13 March 2024 (face-to-face).

Component 2
Personalised mentoring:
Virtual mentoring guidance from a senior mentor approximately every eight weeks.

Component 3
Action learning sets:
Ongoing peer group support through an action learning sets (ALS) programme. ALS sessions find practical ways of addressing the ‘real life’ challenges that are faced in the workplace. Through a structured process of insightful questioning combined with a balance of support and challenge from group members. 

Component 4
There will be 1:1 coaching from two external professional coaching companies outside of the leadership programme to support your personal development:

Delivery model
The model will combine face to face teaching using RCP venues in Liverpool or London with work in a virtual workshop space, used extensively and successfully by RCP as part of their teaching.

Who should apply?
The programme is built around both developing new emerging leaders early in their careers, and developing leadership for those who have potentially faced barriers to leadership in their early years, and for both groups aims to assist them with the additional skills to confidently take those steps to leadership.

An indicative level of experience are practitioners who are established in their clinical roles but early in their leadership journeys. We are suggesting a minimum of two years as consultant/equivalent for AHPs (Band 8 physio) and less than eight years depending on personal circumstances. The selection criteria will emphasise inclusivity and diversity.

If you are unsure if the programme is suitable for you, whatever your age or job title, please contact education.courses@rcp.ac.uk to discuss your individual circumstances.

Programme cost
The fee for the programme, including the development days, personalised mentoring, action learning sets, and networking would normally be £3,780 but BASEM & FSEM are offering competitive free places as a commitment to developing the future leaders in SEM. 

How do I apply?
Applications for the 2022/23 cohort are now closed. You can register your interest by emailing education.courses@rcplondon.ac.uk.

This programme is designed to equip future leaders in SEM with the skills they need to take on key roles and projects to further the development of SEM in a multidisciplinary landscape. As such, to gain the most from participating in this programme, applicants will need to identify and leadership role or project which will underpin their journey through this training.

By the end of the programme, applicants will be expected to present tangible outputs from their experience in relation to their specific leadership role or project. This may be a role/project you already have or are about to take on. Any role/project will be considered, provided there are clearly identified aspects requiring your development as a leader and outcomes which will benefit the delivery of SEM.

On the form below, please state your planned leadership role or project which you would be taking on alongside this programme.

For your stated role/project, please describe and reflect on:

  • Overview of the role/project
  • Your leadership role within the role/project and what skills you feel you need to develop for success
  • The outcomes of the role/project and how these will positively impact SEM delivery.

(500 words)

We also request that you include a supporting statement from your line manager within the application form, to support your application.

In addition to completing the form, please email education.courses@rcp.ac.uk with the following:

  • Curriculum vitae, no more than two pages, highlighting leadership experience to date and any prior leadership development/training