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Higher Specialty Trainee Obstetric Medicine Credential

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) credential in obstetric medicine which leads to a Diploma in Obstetric Medicine has been designed for higher specialty trainees with an interest in obstetric medicine, who wish to gain a credential in this specialist area.

This is a learner-led credential. You will need to plan your own learning and identify opportunities to gain the knowledge and expertise required to complete the credential. You will be supported by an educational supervisor in an obstetric medicine training centre, who will provide guidance during your training period there, and advise on how the knowledge and skills developed during the credential might be used when you return to your usual clinical environments.

The complete handbook for the credential is available to download below.


Applications to undertake the higher specialty trainee credential in obstetric medicine are accepted from physicians in any medical specialty who hold the full MRCP diploma, have successfully completed IMT 3 training (or equivalent), and are at ST5 level or above. Any trainee wishing to undertake the credential should currently be, or have previously been, involved in working on the acute medical take.

Trainees must be fully registered with the GMC and must not have any restrictions on their practice, which could prevent them from completing the credential training, or practising as a physician upon completion of the credential. 

Time commitment

When completed full-time, the credential runs over a 12-month period. During this period, participants are required to spend a minimum of 50% of their clinical practice time at one of the Obstetric Medicine training centres approved to host the RCP credential. Less than full-time trainees may need longer, pro rata, to complete the credential.

The appropriate training period will be agreed with the Educational Supervisor at the start of the credential. It is recommended that trainees undertaking the credential should continue to be involved in acute medical on-call, and this commitment will be discussed and agreed locally.

The Credential process

It is the responsibility of the trainee to maintain a portfolio of evidence which shows their progress and demonstrates achievement of the credential requirements. All relevant evidence (such as WPBAs, log of cases, reflections) should be available to the educational supervisor, with evidence of linking to the obstetric medicine curriculum.  

During the credential, trainees must continue to engage in the ARCP process, but assessment of completion of the credential in obstetric medicine will be made by the educational supervisor and an external reviewer. 

How to apply

If you would like to apply or to recieve more information, please contact credential@rcp.ac.uk