Supporting teams to improve care for people with diabetes when in hospital

'Supporting teams to improve care for people with diabetes when in hospital' is an 8-month collaborative training course from the Royal College of Physicians' Quality Improvement Hub designed for clinical teams working on inpatient diabetes. It consists of three 1-day learning sessions plus supporting action periods and webinars.

Course dates

New course dates will be confirmed in due course.

Due to recent changes in available resource for the collaborative, which will enable us to bolster the offer to clinical teams, we have decided to postpone the start of the collaborative until next year whilst we fully investigate these possibilities.

This page will be updated once these changes are confirmed and teams can still register their interest during this time.

What you will learn

Physicians and their teams will be supported to implement improvements in the delivery of care for people with diabetes when in hospital, using an evidence-based approach. They will join with other teams at the learning sessions to share practice and will be updated in methods of implementing and sustaining change for measurable improvements in care. They will receive coaching support in action periods between the sessions.

This quality improvement collaborative course will allow you to:

  • gain a better understanding of how to interpret the findings from your data
  • learn how to facilitate changes and improvements in patient care
  • become a quality improvement champion for inpatient diabetes 

Who should attend?

People who want to improve care for patients and are motivated to achieve this using improvement techniques and incremental change.

This collaborative course is designed for teams of three or four. We recommend that teams should consist of at least one physician, one manager and one other healthcare professional or, if possible, please consider including a patient as a member of your team.

Teams may include more than four people working on the project in the trust, but four places per team is the maximum available for the learning sessions. If a team member is unable to make a given learning session then another member of the team may take their place.

What do I need to do?

Teams should have identified one area of care within their service where national benchmarked data shows the need for improvement.

You need to plan to come as a team for the entire course. Teams must be committed to meet fortnightly, at a minimum, to progress their project during the improvement collaborative.

Course fee

The cost of the course is £3,000 per team for three taught learning sessions and all additional support. Teams will need to cover their own travel and, where necessary, accommodation costs.

How to book

If you are interested in attending this course please contact

You will need to provide the names, job titles, NHS trust and contact details of the team you plan to bring.